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 Let´s take the next step 

by elevating sales and marketing success.


 Let´s take the next step 

by elevating sales and marketing success.

We believe that B2B growth is achieved by closing the gap between your business and your customers with strategies that align sales and marketing.


 From ordinary  to extraordinary 

People may call it marketing 360, advertising, design, branding, websites, content, media, development, social media, innovation, communication, tradeshows, SEO, SEM, CRM, strategies, emailing, technology, ads, photos, videos, convertions, ROI...

we call it "Our passion".


 It distinguishes us as people and as brands.


ROUNDCORNERS is a full service, B2B marketing agency. 

We combine strategies, technology, design and data analysis that bridge the marketing and sales gap to drive business growth, generating value for you and your customers.

Our team has the necessary skills and experience to get the job done.  As we have worked with national and international brands such as:

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 Marketing 360° 

We bridge the gap between customer need and business objectives, developing a cohesive marketing and sales-aligned strategies that drives impactful results.  Clarifying goals and selecting the most appropriate channels to activate all the available tools that connect effectively with your audience, optimizing resources and generating higher ROI.

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Brand audit and analysis
  • Content marketing review
  • Public relations and social media audit and analysis
  • SEO, PPC and paid advertising audit and analysis
  • Web analytics audit and analysis
  • Competitor research

 Graphic design / Web 

We design and develop visual communications, corporate identity marketing collateral and creative content that engage with your customers for your marketing and advertising campaings.

  • Brochures & Catalogs
  • Trade show displays
  • Mailers
  • Educational & Sales Tools (presentations, infographics, whitepapers, case studies).
  • Print & digital graphics
  • Web Design & Development
  • E-commerce
  • CMS Integration
  • Website Maintenance

  Video/Photo shooting 

We colaborate with professional photographers and film makers to produce high quality content; either for display, advertising, corporate or massive events.

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Production, filming, editing and animation (when needed)
  • Pre and post audio
  • YouTube content strategy execution
  • Promotional training and explainer videos
  • YouTube content and marketing strategy
  • Theme creation
  • Photoshooting
  • Voice over production


We combine creativity with neuromarketing techniques to build and maintain a consistent brand identity that speaks to your target audience.  A recognizable and respect brand identity must be anchored by insightful, targeted market research on the outside and little soul searching within your company.

  • Naming and identity branding development
  • Industry/market evaluation
  • Product branding strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand messaging creation

[Social Media]

We design each social campaign to connect with your audience in meaningful ways that gets them to trust your brand, engage with it and see it as a credible authority in your industry.

  • Social media advertising
  • Ongoing strategy and recommendations
  • Hashtag research and strategy
  • Community management
  • Business profile development and optimization
  • Executive leaders profile development and optimization
  • Social post content development

[Sales & Marketing]

When your marketing and sales teams are speaking the same language and are aligned to the same goals, your bottom line will benefit. Marketing and sales should be able to easily access and share data intelligence training and marketing collateral throughout the entire purchase process. 

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Sales strategy plan
  • Sales targeting strategy
  • Sales strategy model
  • Scenario planning
  • Value messaging effectiveness
  • Sales cycle analysis
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales enablement strategy
  • Sales territory strategy plan

[B2B Content 

Storytelling is key, and to get it right, we are not afraid to push the boundaries of B2B content, encouraged by successful result.

  • Content strategy
  • Translation
  • Curation
  • Copywriting, editing
  • Content strategy
  • Content planning
  • Thought leadership content development
  • Case studies, white papers, ebooks
  • Influencer, audience identification
  • And much more

[Sales Enablement 

Aligning sales and marketing is essential.  Ensure that your sales team understands the product specs, benefits and defferentiators, knows how it addresses customer challenges and fits in with their existing suite of products, and has the tools and resources to deliver what a prospect is looking for at the right time during the buyer´s journey.

  • Content strategy and development
  • Sales collateral
  • Sales playbooks
  • CRM implementation
  • Lead-scoring models
  • Lead-management workflows
  • Pipeline analytics
  • Custom sales and marketing portals


Whether it´s complex digital or printed assets, exhibit displays and other creative support - ROUNDCORNERS has you covered with creative materials that are laser-focused on conversion.

  • Tactical planning for show engagement
  • Exhibit design and building
  • Custom presentation materials
  • Direct mail, email and telemarketing
  • ROI-based reporting
  • Video and digital support production
  • Openhouse, tranining, tradeshows, seminars and more
  • Give aways, promotional merchandise check catalogue>>

Markets & Industries we have served:






Research & Development


Heat Treatment




Food processing

among others.

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